Hip-Hip- Hooray! Heating for today!

This week the temperatures are in the negatives – ack!

While we’ve attempted to eliminate the drafts that pop-up in a house that is over a 100 years old, we also have taken a pause in framing to install a vented heater so we can run the heat downstairs constantly without worrying about condensation and/or excess unburned gas in the house.

Luckily our local plumbing and heating store was running a sale and we were able to get the heater $600 off (yippeee!). So now Q is off to install the heater, which is no small task.
I will post the photos soon!

Our second heat source, which I have loving nick-named ‘Mini-Flamer’ is more of a supplementary/beauty heat source; A total splurge bought moments after midnight on New Years Eve. (I sometimes wonder if we I have a problem.)

1382The back story: After looking through many bungalow and craftsman style books and magazines I’ve fallen in love with built-ins. So while we were focusing on the finishing touches of doors, windows, and flooring last week I found our Mini-flamer and fell in love with the idea of having a fireplace, mantel and built-in shelves. (The wall between the main door and the ‘coal’ room is the perfect spot.)

Luckily, I have a husband who was on board and we took advantage of a 10% off with no shipping to purchase it. (I am already dreaming of the next winter holidays all huddled together around a fireplace!) It won’t arrive until early February, so we have time to plan out the mantel, but this was something we both thought was simple and somewhat quick to build. (However, our finished product will only be about ~16″ deep, ~27″ high and span 6′.

Hip-Hip- Hooray! Heating for today! (insert Super Why! theme.)

2 thoughts on “Hip-Hip- Hooray! Heating for today!

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