Olive has her reading nook.

Project complete and a huge success!

Once we conquered painting lil’boys room, we returned to Olive’s closet which was last seen with new drywall. Since I wasn’t too keen on breathing in all the dust while pregnant, Q handled the mudding and sanding while Mom and I finished up Boys room. So we jumped into the painting  the walls and cabinet construction. (And yes, we went with pink!).

For those who know us, I am sure you remember our complete dis-taste for pink. But when your little girl LOVES pink how can you say no. So we bit our tongues and painted her closet (or reading nook) pink, very pink.

To ensure the cabinet would be purposeful beyond Olive’s younger years, I designed a cabinet that would hold four 11″x11″ bins you can pick up in almost any color at target. This way she can store off season cloths in the back two, and anything from books, shoes, stuffed animals, etc,. Plus with a 2″x4″ frame she can put a 300lb weight on it and it will still be standing.

2014-01-19 10.40.20

With the painting  and cabinet complete, next was  adding the trim and decorating! We played around a little with what we had on hand and then made the final choices.

Olive is loving it, and every day can be found ‘reading’ her books or letting us know it is HER space. I couldn’t be any happier to see her enjoying the reading nook as we planned.

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