Take a mark, get set, ready? GO!

This month has been amazingly productive for us here. Q has been crossing off his list like a mad man.

He is 99.5% finished with all the infrastructure elements to move into the finishing stages. This means:

  1. Natural Gas lines have been run for all the heaters (fireplace, mudroom, and primary heater in the main room)
    1. Primary heater is installed
  2. The electric is finished (except a few lines going to the would be bathroom.)
  3. The framing is complete (except two cap-ends for one of the closets.)
  4. New windows (x3) are installed
  5. Junk removal (old fridge and old wood burning stove)

About the natural gas.

To install the three remaining heaters Q ran about 30 feet of pipe with 36 different fittings. The finished product is pretty amazing. We now have a line for the  the mini-flamer gas fireplace, the soon-to-be heater for the mudroom, and of coarse the primary heater for the main room.

About the primary heater.

This project was amazingly smooth (which doesn’t happen very often in a house over 100 years old).  Q first marked the wall for the vent, drilled the hole with a rented high-torch rotary impact hammer, then cleaned up the exterior surface for a nice clean fitting. With the new pipe in place, all that was left was to connect the thermostat and wall-la! Heat. Although this sounds pretty simple, it was not.  Drilling the vent alone involved making close the 24 holes along the perimeter of a 7.5″ diameter hole, then using a combination of hammer and chisel  to remove the core. To clean the exterior surface he used a cupped cement grinding wheel and slowly ground away a circular recessed for the vent cap to fit into nicely. Which wouldn’t have been too bad, except it was snowing and about 18 degrees out.

About the new windows.

I can’t tell you how excited it felt to see the new windows installed! We ordered them from Menards over Christmas break, and was happy to hear they arrived two weeks early. Despite the freezing temperatures Q was able to quickly install them after work and the lack of a draft was immediately present. And don’t they look beautiful.

2014-01-27 15.13.08About the junk removal.

We were happy to learn our electric company would pay us to come pick up our old fridge. So in one afternoon we were $50 richer and one less obstacle to work around. The wood burning stove was a bit harder to remove, but eventually we found it a new home. And now we are able to have the drywall delivered to move us into the finishing stages of the project.

With all these pieces in place we are ready to start putting the drywall up, installing the doors and building the mantel. We can’t wait to see the room take shape.

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