Drywall and a Stuck pig.

This weekend we had the additional help of family and boy did we need it!! One of our more difficult challenges with the snow, has been how to orchestrate the delivery or pickup of drywall. Typically we’d have it delivered and then carry it indoors. But with over 2′ of snow on the ground and half of our team 34 weeks pregnant and unable to carry much, this was not in the cards. With the arrival of Alexa and James we had a team to get us over this hurdle. (Thank you A & J.)

The weekend started out with Q cleaning up basement to make a place for the over 1400lb of drywall. Soon Q and J were off to rent a truck and pick up the drywall. All of which happened fairly easily. But once the drywall was unloaded into the basement. This happened!

2014-02-15 15.22.35

Snow, completely bald tires, and no weight in the back of the truck were not a good combination. Nevertheless, 2 hours later J and Q were back with a dinner and soon after Olive was down for the night. Which allowed us to start hanging drywall. Yippee! We are beginning to see walls go up.

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