The final count down. (Basement re-model)

We have 23 days until our lil guy is due to arrive. Ought oh!

We have been moving along pretty steadily and are pretty excited about the progress we’ve made on the drywall and doors. But I think I speak for both of us saying we wish we had more time and about 3 more pairs of hands.


Q continues to speed along hanging the drywall. He has been focusing on the office/closet area, since this is the spot we ‘must-have’ finished sooner rather then later so we can continue to work from home. I also need a place to hang cloths (I have lost my closet to baby boy.) To date Q has completed about 90% of this room with only the ceiling left tackle.

The next step: I need to carve out time to mud/tape/sand, prime and paint; while Q begins to work on the main room and doors.


While Q focused on drywall, Q’s mom and I took a trip to a Builders Supply Outlet to pick out doors.  The task was to purchase:

  • 2 pre-hung doors (1- glass door for the closet: 32″ x 80, 1-half louvered door for the unfinished ‘coal’ room: 34″ x 80″)
  • 1 sliding barn door (an odd size of 36″ x 75″)
  • 2 bi-fold doors

I have to gush here a bit. The Builders Supply Outlet (BSO) was pretty awesome. With over 1,000+ doors, ranging from $15 -200, to choose from it was heaven. Our basement has had a few challenges given the ceiling height and our desire to maintain the ‘vintage’ of the house from the main floor to the basement. So, when I found the doors we wanted and learned that they can pre-hang any door in stock, as well as trim any door to our custom height (within reason) I was overjoyed.

After 2 million questions and an indecision between primed vs unfinished we were done and told the doors would be ready for pick-up the next day. WOW!

The next step: Once Q finishes the drywall in the office, he will move to the doors and barn door brackets.

(We decided to wait on the bi-fold doors, since BSO will be getting a new shipment in this Thursday and these were the lowest priority of the bunch.)

2014-03-08 14.00.32

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