Checking off items on our list!

We are moving and a shake’n over here!

With Baby Boy arriving in a matter of days, it is amazingly satisfying to check items off the list. Last we posted about our list (Jan 6th) we were overwhelmed. Not to imply anything has changed, but we have made progress!

Today, while O and I did laundry we also tackled important projects. O made necklaces, painted, drew a picture, danced to her favorite song ROAR, and made up a new clean-up song. I finally finished the mini-hallway painting project (finally!!!). Q on the other hand juggled a few meetings and continued to tackle the drywall (the never ending task).

My list: (75% complete)

  • build a place to put shoes and jackets  (100% complete, read about this here)
  • create a place to put bottles and other baby kitchen items  (100% complete, read about this here)
  • convert office to nursery (98% complete, read about this here)
  • build reading nook for O in her closet (100% complete, read about this here and here)
  • finish a few other painting projects (100% complete sort-of, I took the mudroom off the list – TOO much snow keeps falling and we need a place to store our coats.)
  • hang ‘stuff’ on the walls (100% complete, I was going to post about this, but frankly I am not happy with the results. When I am, I will post. Promise.)
  • Order doors for basement (100% complete, read about this here.)
  • create more storage in the bathroom as well as laundry area
  • drywall in basement (Mud/Tape and sand drywall) (15% complete, read about this here)
  • prime/Paint basement
  • set-up office in basement (TBD)

Q’s List: (65% complete)

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