Baby Boy’s Room is functional.

I was secretly hoping to post higher quality images of Baby Boy’s room, but time keeps slipping away from me, so I’ve reverted back to my camera phone. Nevertheless, we have a room that is ready for a baby. (We still hope to add a bit more pizzazz, but with 18 days left the basement is calling our names.)

Here is where we started when we bought the house:

The Office with no desk and quarter-round removed

And here is where we were at when we moved in, when the room was my office:
(This was before we moved in all the ‘stuff’ that ended up cluttering the room, but the floors were refinished.)


Finally, this is Baby Boy’s room now. (again, the photos are a bit fuzzy with the color off.)

Budget Breakdown: $250

  • Paint & supplies: $50
  • Crib: $129 (Ikea)
  • Bookcase:$5 (gift from Qs Mom)
    • Stain/Sandpaper to refinished bookcase: $5
  • Changing table: $0 (gift from Qs Mom)
    • Retro fitting changing table: $0
      (We had wood on hand and used stain from bookcase.)
    • Changing pad is recycled from O’s room
  • Wall art/decals:$34
    • Robot/space shuttle: $12 each (Target)
    • Growing chart: $10 (Ikea)
  • Cloths/toy bin: $10 (Homegoods)
  • Other: $20 (toys, stuffed animals, boppie, sheets, etc.)

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