Dancing on the ceiling.

This weekend was productive. Q not only got almost all of the drywall hung on the ceiling, but also hung the glass door to the office/closet.

We also made a decision  regarding paint, carpet and wood stain

Paint: Hazelnut Cream by Behr
Carpet: mixed brown berber (not viewable online)
Wood stain for the top of the mantle: Jacobean (dark brown)

The next step is to mud, sand, mud again, and sand again.

Our to-do list is still a bit long, but now we can list the micro steps and not be completely overwhelmed. (except that we have 3 days til Baby boy is arriving!)

  • Mantle
    • Continue to build facade
    • Build flanking bookcases
    • Trim work
    • Paint/stain
    • Apply face tile
  • Paint rooms
  • Build barn door/hardware
    • hang barn door
    • Paint/apply trim work to barn door
  • Install Carpet
  • Install baseboards and trim work around doors
  • Install woodwork around windows
  • Paint doors
  • Hang Doors for closets (x4)

ps. We just realized, this is our 100th post!

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