Baby boy has arrived!

It has only been 10 days since baby boy, Eli arrived, but it feels like a distant memory already. We’ve cleaned out the truck and flipped up the third seat to allow for a second car seat and passengers to fit, attended doctor visits to confirm Eli is 100% healthy, and adjusted to getting sleep in 2-4 hour segments.

So far he has proved to be a pretty mellow baby, but like most newborns he has been adjusting to the new world by sleeping alot. We expect this will change very soon when the babymoon ends. Fingers crossed he continues to be pretty mellow.

Olive has enjoyed Eli, but mostly has enjoyed her time with Q. They have been peas in a pod while Eli and I get use to feeding and diaper changes and I recover from the cesarean.  Q was able to get the side car attached and scooter running. He took Olive around the block and she LOVED it. We are so excited to share with her one of our loves.

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