Moving thru Molasses

Even though Eli is a mellow baby and overall is an easy baby, we are still functioning on sleep dispensed in 4 hour increments. Hence, we feel like we are moving through molasses when it comes to working on the basement.

On the plus side, we’ve had a great time stepping away to attend a few weddings and birthdays, so who can complain too much.

Below is our list update. Not much has changed, but I did get to paint the main room. (No pictures, we are going to wait for the big reveal.)

    • Paint main room
      • Hazelnut Cream
      • Paint ceiling
    • Finish mudding and sanding office/closet
      • Prime office/closet
      • Paint office/closet
    • Clean/paint exposed pipes
    • Finish mantel/book cases
      • paint/stain mantel
    • Fabricate barn door hardware
      • Apply facade/paint to barn door
    • Install Trim work around doors, windows and baseboards
    • Install carpet

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