Happy Early Father’s Day.

It is a tad early, but good things come to those who don’t wait. Right?

About 2 years or more ago, Quinton came across tiny houses and began talking  off and on about how he’d like to have a tiny trailer/camper one day. However, with baby number one’s arrival, then our move to the burbs, then baby number two’s arrival along side many many many house projects, time went by with no time to enjoy the trailer let alone build one.

Since we made the decision to put house projects on hold for the summer (not including the basement), I hoped to find an inexpensive small trailer for Father’s Day. And this week our camper was posted on Craigslist!! A 1988 Serro Scotty Sportsman.

2014-05-29 12.26.20

I found the craigslist posting during nap time and once the kids were up, we hit the road for a two hour drive to see about getting Q his tiny house, well more of an ugly duckling trailer, but hopefully he’ll be just as happy for the time being.

As luck would have it, a fairly harsh spring thunderstorm hit and we got to see if there were any leaks under pretty extreme rain conditions. I was pretty nervous about buying a money pit of a trailer “Happy Father’s Day! You get this ugly, leaky, mold infested trailer to work on all summer” doesn’t really have the ring I was after for his gift.

Sadly, it also meant I was balancing two kids during a thunderstorm. After two poop-filled diapers, a poop filled car seat, an outfit change, lots of hugs and ‘It will be okay, it is just thunder’ talks–during the dinner hour–I was able to strike a deal. (Put some food in the bellies and head home.)

Normally these trailers run between $2-6k, but we were able to score ours for $900 from a really nice guy who had the trailer due to an estate auction and was looking to sell it quickly. It needs some love of coarse, but overall it is in working shape, albeit ugly.

And if we absolutely love it, we can rehab it for fun to be super slick like these. Q is already coming up with many themes for us to choose from. So far he is liking the idea of a 1980’s Robo Cop theme. (Hopefully I will have a say in the matter.)

3 thoughts on “Happy Early Father’s Day.

  1. Way cool…he/she needs a name…Nathan’s fixer upper plane is Gumby.

    Our beautiful park is having its 100th year birthday during the 4 th of July week…hope you can make it!

    Talk later…dinner is ready…xoxo love you, tre

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