I fibbed, I wanted a backsplash.

So I mentioned in the last post that we were taking a break from house projects excluding the basement. Well, I fibbed. A while back Menards had these backsplash panels on sale, and I couldn’t resist. But then with Eli’s arrival there didn’t seem to be enough time in the day to install.

My original plan was to install white subway tile. The wall is extremely wavy and irregular which would require ALOT of work even for the pros (and definitely not a first time tile project). In addition, this would be a considerable amount of weight for the walls to hold, and if they were drywall there would be no problem. However, without knowing the condition of the plaster keys we feared the additional weight would be trouble. And this is why the plastic faux tin tiles were so attractive.

The panels are amazingly easy to install. You cut your panel to size, apply tape, secure with finishing nails, add trim and you are finished. (Plus, by installing with tape if we don’t like it, all we have to do is pull it down.) We did flirt with the idea of installing the panels with liquid nails for a complete bond. However we weren’t 100% sure this would be the permanent fix and opted for the tape.

After finishing up my Momma Bootcamp this morning, I came home to Q and Olive enjoying a relaxed morning. so I took this opportunity to get some of the panels up. Success.

Next step: install remaining panels, prime/paint/install trim, and enjoy!

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