Bring out the Bass [boards].

Our kitchen began over two years ago so I am beginning to feel the heat to get it done!

A couple of weeks ago, I learned a local lumber yard carries baseboards to match the rest of our house. So now that I knew where to get the baseboards and the stain used throughout the house, it was time to get this done.

With a little persuasion, I was able to convince Q to take it easy this past weekend so that I could do just that. (Earlier in the week he managed to tear a tendon in his ankle – OUCH!).


I got up early Saturday morning (6am) to buy baseboards hoping to cut, stain/paint, and install them before we had to leave for BBQ at 3pm.  Well, I didn’t finish it due to the drying time of the stain but after taking some time on Sunday, I was able to install all the baseboards, the cabinet side panel trim and two of four decorative feet. (As well as mow the lawn, trim and clear out the front yard ‘trash’ tree to show off our fence more.) Below is a largest section of the baseboards. Ta-Da! (All the boards are in place, they are just in small spaces.)

2014-07-01 12.47.53

Cabinet Decorative Feet

Along with the baseboards I added some decorative cabinet feet for a custom cabinet look. I’d seen this on some blogs and decided our kitchen needed feet too. If we originally ordered the feet from Cliq Studios, who made our cabinets, they would have cost $143 each. Instead, I picked these up from Menards for $7 each:

2014-07-01 12.49.04Once I trimmed them to fit, they were perfect. Below are a few more shots.

Next Steps:

  • Install remained two feet
  • Install quarter round
  • Paint cabinet trim/feet

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