We’re sort of back!

It has been awhile sense we have posted or did any work on the house. With the arrival of Eli, we’ve been taking it slow and enjoying a lovely summer relaxing as a family. Sadly, with the arrival of the cold weather we’ve been reminded that we need to resume work on the house.

First up is a new window in the kitchen.

When we first bought the house we noticed the windows were new-ish, and thought – AWESOME! After moving in, we discovered not only did we miss that the windows were in disrepair, but our inspection did as well. The window sashes are newer double hung wood windows, however the installation is less then functional. Some windows are fine, but most if you try to open them, they fall off the rail and into your arms. In particular the window in the kitchen, that also has about half an inch of play on either side. So this weekend we ordered a replacement.

Typically if you do one window you do all, but with our limited time frame and budget, we decided to play it safe and replace the window that will make the most impact on our heating bills. It is due to arrive in about 2 weeks. At which point we will begin the installation and see what kind of hot mess we discover.

In the mean time here are a few family photos from the summer!

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