Ahhh! A Peaceful Pantry.

This past weekend Q took off with the kids to his Mom’s, leaving me behind to remodel the pantry. That is correct, I had a whole weekend to work and relax without two kids either crying or yelling ‘Mommy, Mommy. Can I watch a show, Can I have a snack, Can I do this, Do I have a butt, What kind of butt do you have…,” the questions could go on forever.

At first I was lonely and bored, then I realized I have a lot of work to do! This is what the pantry looked like when they left at 7:30pm on Friday.

2014-09-26 20.26.35

The long-term plan is to install new flooring and upper and lower cabinets along the west/left  and now north walls. To kick it off, I will tackle the floor and north wall lower cabinet, so the short-term plan is:

  1. Clear out and throw out as much as possible.
  2. Remove the white shelving unit
  3. Install new floor
  4. Install new lower cabinet along north wall
  5. Install new counter top
  6. Clean and re-populate the pantry

Short-term Budget: $400

(I’d love to paint the cabinet and walls, but to make the weekend project possible I will complete the painting one night while the kids sleep.)

  • Friday night, I started at 9pm was up till 3:30am cleaning everything out including the white shelving unit and attached the new feet for the cabinet (formerly an upper cabinet measuring 42″x 30″ x 12″.
  • Saturday, I went to Menards to purchase the new flooring and counter top. Then installed the flooring and continued to clean the existing shelves as much as possible. In bed by 1am.
  • Sunday, I installed the recycled cabinet, cut the the counter top to size and got it installed and sealed for use. Lastly, everything went back into the pantry finish up the short-term plan by 5:30pm.

At which point the family returned home, with a new bread maker, to a bit of a messy house but a clean pantry.

All in all, I would love to put a design touch on the room with some fresh paint, food storage bins, library ladder, etc,. It is still over crowded lacking some organization (aka. it is still a non-glamorous pantry, but it is a start.)

Never the less the photos are below followed with the final budget.

Final Budget: $253

New recycled cabinet: $54
Counter top: $74
Floor: $89
Other Materials: $36 (transom & cabinet feet)
Materials on hand: Quarter round, hardware, cleaning products

Other info about this project:

We decided to go with recycled solid wood cabinets. This means we are limited to what we find. Luckily this round I was able to find a perfect fit in the style we wanted for $50 (+tax).  Also for half the cost we get more sturdy solid wood cabinet that we would  not get if we went with Ikea or with in-stock cabinets at Home Depot or Menards.

We chose vinyl plank flooring for two main reasons. 1) We didn’t want disturb the asbestos glue used for the existing flooring where we store our food, and 2) vinyl plank seemed like the lowest profile option that looked pretty decent. I chose Western Maple, which acts like a floating floor and is water proof.

I went with butcher block counter, to continue the look we have in the kitchen. However, instead of going with Ikea oak butcher block,  I selected birch from Menards. This was not the most economical/frugal choice, since the Menards option was a smaller board at the same price of $80 (I got $5 off due to a splintered corner). This was handy when trimming the board solo, as well as fitting into my small Nissan Cube. We also didn’t want to worry about discovering a hallow board like last time.


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