The Carpet Experiement

I labored over the flooring decision for the basement quite a bit, which included a trip to lumber liquidators to look at engineered flooring and several trips to Menards to look at their carpets, and higher end vinyl planks similar to what we did in the pantry. I liked the idea of going with an engineered wood, so the basement wouldn’t feel like a basement but a continuation of the house with hardwood floors, but we decided to go with carpet for a variety of reasons.

  1. It is easy and quick to install
  2. It is a basement where moisture is an issue. (carpet is easy to rip out and replace.)
  3. Warmth
  4. Sound
  5. Price ($.89 sq/ft vs. $2 sq/ft + under-layment)

Q left the choice up to me as to what kind of carpet and color.

After bringing home three options I chose a lighter berber with an attached pad. It also happened to be one of the cheapest at $.89 sq/ft. I figured with 2 kids and a dog, no matter what kind of carpet we got it wasn’t going to have a particularly long life. So while the kids/babies are spitting up or spilling something we can live with a cheaper carpet, and when the time comes to replace it with something a little higher end, it hopefully will have a fighting chance to stay nice longer.

As a follow up, when the carpet arrived it had a significant snag or tear on one end. We were able to cut around it, but Menards still graciously took $.10 sq/ft off, so the total cost was only $244.


    • Paint main room
      • Hazelnut Cream
      • Paint ceiling
    • Finish mudding and sanding office/closet
      • Prime office/closet
      • Paint office/closet
    • Clean/paint exposed pipes
    • Install carpet
    • Finish mantel/book cases
      • paint/stain mantel
    • Fabricate barn door hardware
      • Apply facade/paint to barn door
    • Install Trim work around doors, windows and baseboards

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