Long time no see.

It has been almost an entire year of no posting here (sorry!). To be brutally honest, I almost forgot about our beloved blog until recently and felt huge pang of guilt. I am happy to say it isn’t because we were not busy. I’ve got lots to update!

While the inside of home hasn’t seen much change, the outside is looking pretty amazing! (I’ll keep the outside updates for a new post later this week.)

The ‘inside house’ projects were at a minimum, and unfortunately not that sexy. We installed new windows in the dinning room, replaced ~30ft of plumbing, cleared out a 30 year old hair clog (which was super fun!) and a few other projects that albeit have made a HUGE impact in our lives, don’t have the glamorous photo impact that you probably want to see (especially the clog, yuck!).

However, Q did take the kids last fall to his mothers so that I could make another round of changes to the pantry. Last we worked in here was in 2014.

We are happy to have more counter space in the pantry, but it is not done. I need to fix/paint the walls, potentially add a half-depth shelf, and organize the space. I also have dreams of replacing the center panel of the cabinet doors with wire to discourage food raids by the kids. (Maybe this fall?)

That said it is still nice to see the changes from start to current status.

Most of our efforts have been outdoors and I can’t wait to share these updates with you later this week! (HINT: We have a few new family members that will lay eggs!)

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